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A-Z VET Prescription

Click the initial letter of the product you wish to find, for example "C" for Champix (varenicline) 28 X 1mg.
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Prescriptions Items starting with the letter "A"
Acular Drops 5ml
Advantix 100 Dogs 4kg-10kg 4'S
Advantix 250 Dog 10kg-25kg 4'S
Advantix 40 Dog Up To 4kg 4'S
Advantix 400 Dog 25kg+ over 4'S
Advocate Large Cat 80 4-8kg 3pip
Advocate Large Cat 80 4-8kg 6pip
Advocate Large Dog 25 10-25k 3 pipettes
Advocate Large Dog 25 10-25kg 6pi
Advocate Med Dog 10 4-10k 3pip
Advocate Med Dog 40 4-10k 6pip
Advocate Small Cat 40 <4kg 3pip
Advocate Small Cat 40 <4kg 6pip
Advocate Small Dog 40 <4kg 3pip
Advocate Xl Dog 40 25-40k 3pip
Advocate Xl Dog 40 25-40kg 6pi
Alamycin Aero 140g (new Formu)
Alamycin La 300 100ml
Alamycin La Inj 100ml
Albenil Sc 2.5% 10lt
Albenil Sc 2.5% 2.5lt
Albex Worm Drench for Cattle and Sheep 10% 2.5ltr
Albex Worm Drench for Cattle and Sheep 2.5% Sc 2.5ltr
Albex Worm Drench for Cattle and Sheep 10% 10L
Albex Worm Drench for Cattle and Sheep 10% 1ltr
Albex Worm Drench for Cattle and Sheep 10% 5ltr
Albex Worm Drench for Cattle and Sheep 2.5% Sc 10ltr
Albex Worm Drench for Cattle and Sheep 2.5% Sc 1ltr
Alizin 10ml Vial
Alvegesic 10mg/ml 10ml
Amfipen La 80ml
Amoxypen Inj 100ml
Amoxypen La Inj 100ml
Ampicaps 500x250mg
Animalintex Hoof Horse X 3
Animec Inj 250ml
Animec Pour On 1lt
Animec Pour On 2.5lt
Animec Pour On 5lt
Animec Super Injection 250ml
Animec Super Injection 500ml
Antirobe Caps 150mg X 80
Antirobe Caps 25mg X 80
Antirobe Caps 300mg X 80
Antirobe Caps 75mg X 80
Aqupharm No11 1L XVD97
Aqupharm No11 250ml Bag
Aqupharm No11 500ml XVD596
Atopica 171 100mg/ml 17ml
Atopica 171 100mg/ml 5ml
Atopica Caps 15x100mg
Atopica Caps 15x10mg
Atopica Caps 15x25mg
Atopica Caps 15x50mg
Aurizon Ear Treatment 10ml
Aurizon Ear Treatment 20ml
Aurofac 100 3kg (pfeizer)
Autoworm Finisher 24'S
Autoworm First Grazer 24'S

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